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Javier Ronceros




While I was on the CBS sitcom “Love & War”, I met was invited to a lot of parties and backyard barbecues. At one of these barbecues I met a woman who was an aspiring screenwriter and asked me if I would write something with her. I told her I was an actor not a writer, but she insisted that my sense of humour was exactly what she was looking for in a partner. Once again I said yes to something I wasn’t sure I could do. She had an agent and was told that we should write a spec script for a show on television. The only show we both knew and loved was “Northern Exposure”. We set out over the next few weeks hammering away at the script. She knew how to type and the format and I dictated my half of the script. After submitting the work, we got very positive feedback from the creators of the show and even got an offer to work for Dick Clark Productions as staff writers. I felt I had to decide between being a writer or an an actor. At the time I thought I could only do one, so I picked acting. Thus was my first experience as a writer.


After my mistake, I wrote all the time during my off times as an actor. I found myself with half finished feature length screenplays and no real idea how to finish a script or for that matter, the whole filmmaking process. During the summer hiatus of the show, I decided to take some film classes at UCLA. It was a wonderful experience. I took classes in producing, screenwriting and directing. I took away with me the knowledge and confidence that I could do both; make films and continue my career as an actor. So, after finishing a couple of short film scripts, I decided to make my first film. With the help of my two filmmaking partners and friends and family, we made our first short film “Soledad”. After a while, I made a web series, a workout video, several more short films here in the US and the UK, and a cooking show and a travel show in Spain.


All those experiences were wonderful and educational, but I never considered myself a true filmmaker until I teamed up with Renée Ronceros and Samantha Simmonds (the same team that made my first short film) and created 52 Films/52 Weeks: A Year of Filmmaking. Together the three of us adapted original short stories that I had written and wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited a film a week for an entire year. It was an exhausting year, but an amazing year full of filmmaking magic. We are all very proud of those films and it has given us a new found confidence, industry contacts and more work.


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