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Javier Ronceros


You can download my CVs – Actor CV and Filmmaker CV.

Actor CV




Boone: The Bounty Hunter Co-Star Robert Kirbyson/Hoplight Ent.
The Grid Co-Star  Andi Osho/Merovigian Prods.
Pleito Lead Claudia Duran/Casa 0101 Prods.
Mexico ’13 Lead Daniel Beresh/USC Films
The Day Miguel Angel got Fired Lead Luke Haskard/USC Films
Regresso Co-Star Hang Tran/USC Films
Grown Men Business Co-Star Allan Zuniga/Zuniga Film Prod.
This Heart of Mime Co-Star Lindsey McCulloch/LA Film School
Dependent’s Day Co-Star Michael Lynch/WPT Production
The Moon and the Dead Co-Star Elias Gertner/CU Films
Pobre Maxi Lead Mario Rodriguez/USC Films
Fair Play Lead Craig Smith/USC Films
It Could Have Been Her Lead Livia Notoharjono/USC Films
Listening Co-Star Khalil Sullins/Listen Film LLC
Filth Co-Star Dan Eccles/CU Films
No Habla Co-Star Mustafa Eck/USC Films
Roofers Co-Star David Castaneda Jr./CSUF Films
About Norman Lead Robert Abilez/USC Films
Paulina Co-Star Caylee So/CU Films
Coyote * Co-Star Joe Eddy/Coyote Films
This is Not an Exit Co-Star Elias Gertner/CU Films
The Neighbourhood Garden Lead Mark Andrade/CalArts
Una Vida de Si Mismo Lead Elias Gertner/CU
Desiredium Co-Star Ryan Phillips/CU Films
A Good Man Co-Star Gary Alvarez/CU Films
El Testigo Ilegal Co-Star Caylee So/CU Films
Riley Co-Star Alec Constenable/CU Films
Maria in America Cameo Jacob Rothstein/USC Films
Explosion! Explosion! Co-Star David Kline/USC Films
The Way Back Lead Seymour Ting/UB Films
I Love LA Co-Star Laurie Farrugia/USC Films
The Infinite Game Co-Star Sam Farrazi/CU Films
Ruby Booby Cameo Jon Rannells/Busterhouse Films
Man on Ice Lead Sam Simmonds/Cirius Films
Baggage Lead Kelly McGillicuddy/USC Films
Expiration Lead Alec Constenabile/CU Films
Sunshine On Sale Lead Mark Kosin/USC Films
Help Wanted * Lead Teo Guardino/Elevate Films
5ive Minutes Lead Reynaldo Bonelli/RF-MF
Bodies on the Beach Co-Star Sam Simmonds/UWSM
Sherman’s Tank Co-Star Corbin Frost/USC Films
Need Fixing Lead Taylor Nygaard/USC Films
The Cross Before Me Co-Star Denise Chang/USC Films
Impossible Missionaries Co-Star Reynaldo Bonelli/RF-MNF
The Long Arm of The Law Lead Renee Ronceros/RF-MNF
CTRL Z Co-Star Rob Kirbyson/CTRL Z Prods.
Free of Charge Co-Star Rob Kirbyson/FOC Prods.
Broke Ground Lead Alon Dory/Array Productions
Classic Co-Star Peter Gardner/Shadowlight
Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s MacBeth Co-Star J Paul Zimmerman/JP Prods.
Night of The Fighter Co-Star Christopher Faulk/USC Films
Coming Up Easy Co-Star Rebecca Rodriguez/Luckyhead
Ransom Co-Star Nile Niami/Screaming Eagle
Tauromaquia Lead Christopher Barry/Chapman
Sangre Co-Star Belita Moreno/Tapas Prods.
Gohbi and God Co-Star Evagelos Maderakis/USC Films
Couch Encounters Co-Star Samantha Davidson/UCLA
Soledad Co-Star Reynaldo Bonelli/RF
The Glass Cage Featured Michael Schroeder/MPCA
Other People’s Money Featured Norman Jewison/Warner Bros.
The Super Featured Rod Daniel/20th Century Fox
Hangn’ With The Homeboys Featured Joe Vasquez/New Line
A Walk With Death Co-Star Ron Gorton/Shooting Star




Coyote (Pilot)* Lead Chapman University Films
Across The Pond (Pilot) Lead Ronzeroffilms, Ltd. (UK)
The Young and The Restless Co-Star CBS
ER Co-Star NBC
The Unit Co-Star CBS
The Shield Co-Star FX
Reno 911 Co-Star Comedy Central
Center of The Universe Co-Star CBS
The Practice Co-Star ABC
Who Are You? (Pilot) Lead Bernie Brillstein
Boyle Heights (Pilot) Lead Frank Aragon
Murphy Brown Co-Star CBS
Family Matters Co-Star ABC
Love and War Recurring CBS
America’s Most Wanted Co-Star Fox TV
Harry and The Hendersons Co-Star Amblin Entertainment




Riot/Rebellion Various Watts Village Theatre
LA Views VII: At Your Service Manuel The Company of Angels Theatre
Boyle Heights Rueben Casa 0101, CA
LA Views/pLAylist Will The Company of Angels Theatre
Chicanas, Cholas y Chismes Rubén/ Mr. Montes Casa 0101, CA
Chicago* Billy Flynn Camino Real Playhouse, CA
The Goonies: A Drinking Game Mikey The Next Stage, CA
The Eight Reindeer Monologues Cupid ARC, NoHo, CA
Back to the Future: A Drinking Game George McFly The Next Stage, CA
Improv at the Arc Various ARC, NoHo, CA
5 For $5 Various ARC, NoHo, CA
The Last Judgement Isaac ARC, NoHo, CA
LA Comedy Festival Francois The Art/Works Theatre, CA
Nuts Dr. Rosenthal The Raven Playhouse, CA
Danger Squad Various The Next Stage, CA
St. Mary Ignatius St. Mary The Raven Playhouse, CA
Somewhere In Between Jasper The Raven Playhouse, CA
Bridal Terrorism Judge Reynolds The Raven Playhouse, CA
Lie, Cheat and Genuflect Fryburger Granada Hills Theatre, CA
The Gazebo Charlie Thorpe Granada Hills Theatre, CA
The Canvas Various The Empty Stage, CA
Romeo and/y Juliet(a) Nurse NoHo Actors Studio, CA
Help Love Vicky Judge Allen The Open Theatre, CA
Veteran All-Stars * Various LA Connection, CA
Dramatic Improv Various LA Connection, CA
Fatal Fantasy Various LA Connection, CA
Strays Manuel The Court Theatre, CA
A Cage of Birds Rafi Strasberg Theatre, CA
Home of The Brave Manuel Powerhouse Theatre, CA
Italian American Reconciliation Huey Tracy Roberts Theatre, CA
To KIll A Mandarin Priest The Chamber Theatre, CA
The Bobalatz Various Third Street Promenade, CA
It’s Only A Play Gus Brookfield Players, CT
Hide and Seek Matt Erskin The Little Theatre, CT
Sweet Bird of Youth Fly/Piano Man Weston Playhouse, CT


Elderly Abuse (PSA) Pharmacist UCI, US
Map Tracking Enemy Captain United States Army, US
Successful Trial Intern Abbott Laboratories, US
Blast Off English Student Women In Film, US


Get Help (PSA) Narrator LA Dept. of Education, US
The Bat (Animation) All Voices Lucia Morgan/UB Films, UK
The Olympus Home (Animation) All Voices Gill Warren/UB Films, UK


Makeup MIshaps (Season 1 & 2) Co-Star Justin Coloma/Coloma Prods.
The importance of Being Lead Javier Ronceros/11:59 Films
Death by Gloss Lead Justin Coloma/ Coloma Productions
Thank You For Watching Lead Javier Ronceros/11:59 Films
Careful What You Wish For Lead Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
Brothers Lead Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
Amateurs Cameo Samantha Simmonds/11:59 Films
The Next Step Lead Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
The Red Beast Cameo Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
Boy’s Revenge Cameo Samantha Simmonds/11:59 Films
The Homecoming Lead Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
Life From My Stoop Lead Samantha Simmonds/11:59 Films
The Understanding Angel Lead Javier Ronceros/11:59 Films
Hush Co-Star Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
Betrayal Lead Javier Ronceros/11:59 Films
New Again Lead Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
The Interrogation Co-Star Renee Ronceros/11:59 Films
Fontana Co-Star Samantha Simmonds/11:59 Films
I Love Television Lead Javier Ronceros/11:59 Films
The Taliwackers Guest Star David Towner/Poser Productions
CTRL (episodes 1-10) * Co-Star Rob Kirbyson/NBC/Universal


J. Lo Music Video (Papi) Gardner (Stunts) Island Records, US


Bruce Ayers Project I-IV Tennis Pro/Dad Grey Advertising, US


 List Available Upon Request


Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum Intensive Shakespeare Seminar Susan Angelo, CA
The Los Angeles Theatre Co. Master Class George Shdanoff, CA
LA Connection Comedy Theatre Comedy Improv Steve Pinto, CA
Improv Olympics West Long Form Sara Gee, CA
Tracy Roberts Studio Scene Study Maculey Bruton, CA
SAG Conservatory Cold Reading Kurt Reichenbach, CA, NY
The Actors Studio Private Coach David Lampson, CT


Tennis Professional Motorcycles Spanish (Fluent)
Taekwondo (5th dan black belt) Sabre Fencing Inca Indian
Hapkido (4th dan black belt) Bass Guitar Stunt Driving


“Coyote”: Best Ensemble Cast 2013 The 2nd Annual Evolution Film Fest, CA
“Coyote”: Best Narrative, 2013 Dances with Films Festival, CA
“Chicago”: Nominated for Best lead Actor 2012 Camino Real Playhouse, CA
“Coyotes”: Official Selection 2011 New York Television Festival, NY
“Ctrl”: Web Comedy of the Year 2010 LA Web Series Festival, CA
“Help Wanted”: Jury Prize for Best TV/Film Actor 2009 TriMedia Film Festival, CO
“Help Wanted”: Best Narrative, Writer, Director 2008 Elevate Film Festival, CA
“Comedy Improv”: Best Improv Actor 2004 LA Connection Theatre, CA
“It´s Only a Play”: Nominated for Best Supporting Actor 1990 Brookfield Town Center Theatre, CT


Filmmaker CV


The Importance of Being 2013 TV Show Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Breaking Hollywood 2013 TV Show Camera Operator 2012 EPK Camera Operator/Editor
Tour de Cure ADA 2012 EPK Camera Operator
Born to Flow 2012 Music Video Producer/Cinematographer
Thank You For Watching 2012 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Peters Case 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Careful What You Wish For 2011 52/52 Project Producer/Director
Beckett’s War 2011 52/52 Project Producer
She 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
How to Deal With Women, Vol. 2 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Cantilever Account 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Just Love 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Chateau Bertrand 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Brothers 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Amateurs 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Next Step 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Undeclared Love 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Love Hurts 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Red Beast 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Doll and the Mad Dog 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Hand That Binds 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Man’s Man 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Grandmother’s Kitchen 2011 52/52 Project Producer/Cinematographer
Kid’s Revenge 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Good Doctor 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Man-Eating Tree 2011 52/52 Project Producer/Cinematographer
I’m Dead 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Session 17 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Mighty Zeus 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Life From My Stoop 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Understanding Angel 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
In God’s Name 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Sunday Lunch 2011 52/52 Project Producer
A Unique Woman 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Hush 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Gustavo the Great 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Betrayal 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Jack’s Blog 2011 52/52 Project Producer
New Again 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Scent 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Faith 2011 52/52 Project Producer
She is Safe 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Interrogation 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Messed Around 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Irving J. Koppermelt 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Phantom City 2011 52/52 Project Producer
L’amour est un Jeu Dangereux 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Fontana 2011 52/52 Project Producer/Cinematographer
God Bless the Child 2011 52/52 Project Producer/Cinematographer
I Love Television 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Bite 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Race 2011 52/52 Project Producer
The Robbery 2011 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Homecoming 2011 52/52 Project Producer
Beautiful, Sexy, Funny, Evil 2010 52/52 Project Producer
The Thespian 2010 52/52 Project Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
An American Love Story 2010 Documentary Producer
Man on Ice 2010 Short Subject (UK) Producer
Across The Pond 2010 TV Pilot (UK) Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
Big River Man 2009 Documentary Editorial Dept.
Giantto Watches 2008 Commercial Director
The Suitcase 2008 Short Subject (US) Producer/Editor
Home Theatre Wars 2008 Reality TV Pilot Camera Operator
Four Christmases (Behind The Scenes) 2008 Scoring Session Camera Operator
5ive Minutes 2008 Short Subject (UK) Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Impossible Missionaries 2008 Short Subject (US) Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
The Long Arm of The Law 2007 Short Subject (US) Director/Producer/Editor
Cocina Andalusia 2007 TV Pilot (Spain) Director/Producer
Jeremy In Spain 2007 TV Pilot (Spain) Producer/Cinematographer
Coca-Cola House 2007 Spec Commercial Producer/Editor
Broken Rainbow – 20 Year Anniversary 2006 Documentary Assistant Editor
Salvation Army – Career Day 2006 Documentary Cinematographer
Brava Body – Small Space Workout 2006 Exercise Video Director/Producer/Editor
The Jonas Schwartz Show 2005 TV Pilot Cinematographer
Brady and Grady 2004 Feature Cinematographer
Soledad 2000 Short Subject (US) Director/Producer/Editor/Writer

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