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Javier Ronceros


Javier Ronceros

Age Range: 45-55

Height: 67.5 (in), 171.45 (cm)

Weight: 190 (lbs.), 86.2 (kg)

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Build: Medium


Scott Stander and Assoc. (USA)



Javier Ronceros – SAG / AFTRA

I was teaching tennis at an indoor facility back east when I met a gentleman by the name of Ron Gorton. He was a novelist and a screenwriter and was about to direct his first film. He asked me if I had ever acted. I told him I hadn’t, but he kept insisting that I was an actor. He asked me about my past careers. I told him I was a musician and a tennis pro. He said that I was an actor, except I didn’t know it.


He wanted me to be in his movie about two drug cartels fighting each other for the right to setup business in this town. I was to play the right hand man to one of the crime lords. I said no, but he insisted. I finally gave in and decided that it would be a once in a lifetime experience, something I would tell the grandkids when they were older.


But once I set foot on the set, I realised I was home. This is what I was meant to do. That was the beginning of my acting career. It was the day before my thirtieth birthday and I felt creative life was just being born.


I went to New York and studied with a gentleman by the name of David Lampson, he too was a tennis student and we traded acting lessons for tennis lessons. My first year as an actor proved fantastic. I worked almost the entire year. I did four plays, a film and a television show, before deciding that I wanted a film and television career I moved to Hollywood, California.


Once I hit sunny California, I landed a sitcom on CBS that ran for three years and went out for everything my agents and I could find, including short films and student films. I studied with the late and great George Standoff and with his tutelage and guidance, I had a new confidence I was lacking.


The other great highlight of my career was studying Improvisation at the LA Connection Comedy Theatre in Study City, California. There I learned a whole new way of approaching scene work and thinking on my toes. I must say that these last twenty plus years as a working actor have filled me with gratitude. It has been said that success goes to the hangers-on, I guess I’ll never let go.

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